About Us 

Hi there! We are so happy that you have decided to visit Armonia’s Interior Design and Decors. We hope that you got a lot of inspiration from the interior designs that we have showcased here.  


Armonia’s Interior Design and Decors was started by Renee Paulson. Renee has been fond of decorating homes even as a kid. She started by beautifying her room and changing its design almost on a monthly basis. When she came of age, she decided that she wanted to become an interior decorator. Thus, she studied interior design in New York and worked with top designers in order to hone her craft.  


Due to her innate talent and creativity, Renee has become known in New York for designing boutique hotels and apartments and even the houses of celebrities. However, she did not forget that her first love is really designing homes.  


As such, she went back to Wisconsin and started Armonia’s Interior Design and Decors. Ever since she has started the business in 2010, it has already grown into a ten-person company and has been accepting a lot of projects.  


Renee is now quite well known all over Wisconsin for the different interior design projects that she has taken on. She is known for infusing a lot of space in small and cramped rooms and elevating its design into a modern but homey feel. This has become her brand and is something that her clients in Wisconsin always looks for.  


However, Renee and her company are also accepting e-design requests to enable those not from Wisconsin to access her services. She has contacts all over the United States who can implement said designs on her behalf. Rest assured that with Renee and Armonia’s Interior Design and Decors, your satisfaction is always guaranteed.