Five Garage Door Problems You Can Fix On Your Own

When homeowners experience small problems with their garage doors, they often take it for granted. Remember; when you ignore small issues, warning signs, or alerts they simply don’t go away.

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You will be surprised to know that they might become worsen and create major inconvenience for your wallet. Hiring a professional technician for a malfunctioned garage door is wise but not every issue requires expert assistance. It would be waste to call garage door experts only to fix the small problems like a jammed garage door on the tracks. If you feel that there is something beyond your capabilities, why not keep an eye on the simple problems and take care of them on your own. Visit here to get more details about garage door services.

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Squeaking or noisy garage door: In case, your garage door is making squeaking or loud noises while opening or closing, it indicates that the bearing of the garage door is dry and has very rough edges. There may also chance that your tracks have dust particles and pebbles in them or got rusted with the passage of time. The problem can be easily solved by cleaning out the tracks and hinges. You will have to wash the garage door tracks regularly and then lubricate them with lubricating oil.

Jammed garage door: If you are not able to operate a garage door and you know that your garage door remote is perfect then something may be wrong with the operating system itself. You should check the cables and pulleys of the garage door to see if they have been broken, bent, or damaged. Another significant reason why your garage door might not work is because of deformed or obstructed garage door tracks. You should check the cables, pulleys, and tracks to see if they need lubrication or replacement.

Garage door opens and closes slowly: It means that the hinges, panels, and other essential components that hold the garage door are too weak to support it. If you have installed the weighted garage door, the supporting parts should be matched with the material to counterbalance the weight. If you found any loose parts inside the mounting brackets or tracks, you should be tightened to make them secure and efficient.

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A garage door opens on its own: It is very common in the automatic garage doors system. To handle this, you will have to reset the access code or security pass of your garage door remote. To do this, you should consult with the user’s manual for further troubleshooting techniques and confirm that you reset the operating code of your garage door. 

Garage door remote is not working: To troubleshoot the malfunctioned garage door, first all, you will have to check whether your garage door remote is working properly or not. Check whether its batteries are operational or not. You should also inspect the cables to check if the system is working properly or not. First, change the batteries to see if they work. In case, the solution will not work, you will have to buy a new garage door remote. It is always suggested that hire a professional garage door repair company to restore the functionality of it.