Welcome to Armonia’s Interior Design and Decors, where you can access only the very best interior design services for your home.  


Armonia’s Interior Design and Decors specializes in modern interior designs that feature a lot of space and provides that warm and homely feel to your home. We can decorate all the available rooms in your home, be it the living room, bedroom, kitchen, balcony and even your glass garage door in Houston TX. With Armonia’s Interior Design and Decors, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our design proposals.  


How do we work?  


  1. We work with you in generating the vision for your home or a particular room in the house. We make sure that the design will complement the architecture of your home, your vision and even your personality.  
  1. We provide you with design pegs to really determine what you want even before we go to the actual design process. This is to make sure that what we will be doing on paper will correspond to your vision. We even list down all of the do’s and don’ts that you tell us. We will also make recommendations based on the technical specifications of your home or a specific room.  
  1. We create design proposals for you according to our initial discussion. We will present this proposal to you and make the necessary adjustments to the design according to your requirements.  
  1. After you have approved our design proposal, that is only when we will start the design implementation. In all aspects of the implementation, we will be consulting you to make sure that everything is according to what you want.  
  1. Before we make the final turnover, we will present our final project for your approval. We will make sure that you are fully satisfied with our output.  


There are several ways to take advantage of our services, depending on your budget. We offer the following services that can be customized according to your budget:  


  1. Personal Consultation 


All throughout the interior design process, we will be at your beck and call. We will assign an interior design expert who will work with you and will set up meetings with you all throughout the process. This is recommended for major home design or redesign projects when you need our services for more than one room of your home. Our interior design expert will guide you throughout the entire process and will be available to answer each and every question.  


  1.  E-Design Services 


For those on a budget, we offer our e-design services. Everything will be done through Skype and email in terms of the design planning and services. It is also up to you if you wish us to implement the approved designs or if you want to hire a different contractor for that. Note however that it is always more cost-efficient for us to implement the interior design plan that you approved.  


  1. One-off consultations 


For those who are just on the look out for ideas, we also have one-off consultations that we offer. This can be done through personal meetings or even online.